♫ Who You Gonna Call?? ♫

Ricky : “I think this shop may have a ghost..”
Oliver : “Yeah.. Hey?? Do his gums look swollen to you??”
Ricky : “Yep. Probably died because he didn’t floss..”
Oliver : “wow..”

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Tony Gnomo is Needed No Mo’!

Ricky : “Soooo Mister Tony Gnomo… It looks like the Cowboys are playing much better with you gone..”
Tony Gnomo : “Ouch! That hurts, Ricky…”
Ricky : “Truth hurts, Tony. The truth hurts.”


Heart to Heart

Ricky : “Oliver….?? I just realized you’re going to be leaving in less than a week…”
Oliver : “I know..”
Ricky : **sniffles** “Don’t look at me for a minute, okay??”
Oliver : “okayy..”


The Tappan Zee

Ricky : “Tonight we’re bringing Oliver to visit my sister Gillian and her boyfriend Randy. To get there we have to go over the new Tappan Zee bridge. It crosses the Hudson River. Mom wanted to get pictures of the bridge but it’s dark and rainy!”
Oliver : “The sign says it’s called the Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge…..”
Ricky : “To us New Yorkers it will always be The Tappan Zee!! It’s funner to mispronounce! TaPANzee!! TaPANzee!! WHOOOOOO!!!”
Oliver : “Wow. You are very easily entertained..”


Keep on Truckin’

Ricky : “My trucker hat looks really good on you, Oliver…”
Oliver : “Thank you.”
Ricky : “Did you hear everything that I said, Oliver?”
Oliver : “yesss…? I said thank you..”
Ricky : “MY trucker hat! When you head out on your travels in two and a half weeks, I’d better not find MY trucker hat in your collection of things in that big travelling trunk of yours! Capisce??!!”
Oliver : “Yes!! I understand. Maybe we can stop by Tractor Supply before I go and see if they have one I can keep??”
Ricky : “Oh! That’s a good idea! And if they don’t, I’ll just keep mine and you won’t have one.”
Oliver : “Okayy..”