Voting Time


The Doctor Is In…?

Ricky : “Well Doc… I’m seeing spots. Lots and lots of spots! I think I have a brain tumor.”
Me : “Firstly.. I am not your Doc! Secondly, you are seeing spots because you are laying down in a miniature version of Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room.. Thirdly, you do NOT have a brain tumor!”
Ricky : “But when I checked my symptoms on Google, Google said..”
Ricky : “GAH! OKAY!! Hey, this room is really cool that Katja and her girls made, huh??!!”
Me : “It’s awesome!!”


Post Comic Con

Ricky : “Soooooo… We saw so many cool things at NY Comic Con… I got this Rilakkuma love seat and this book! Adam signed it!!”
Me : “Yeah.. Next year we’re bringing the rest of the family..”
Ricky : “That’s smart. That way we can grab more of the free stuff, buy lots more of the cool things we see, AND have them help us carry it!!”
Me : “I was thinking more that we can take advantage of the photo ops if we have other people with us.. Maybe someone could take OUR picture. I never have any pictures with me in them…”
Ricky : “That’s a good idea. One day when you’re dead, we’re going to go through all our pictures, and we’re going to think you died a lot sooner than you did because you aren’t in any of the family photos..”
Me : “Well… that’s a little morbid but yeah..”


High Score

Ricky : “Yeah…. I got the high score on Asteroids… No big deal…”
Moppet : “It really IS no big deal.. We just got it. You’re the first to play..”
Moppet : “Geezzz…. RELAX!”


Ready for NY Comic Con… Tomorrow.

Ricky : “Okay! I’m ready!! I fit perfect in here!!”
Me : “Ok cool.”
Ricky : “So when we leavin’??!!”
Me : “It starts tomorrow, so we’ll leave tomorrow..”
Ricky : “WHAAATT??!! If it starts tomorrow then why am I in here now??!!”
Me : “I wanted to make sure you fit…”
Ricky : “Well… I do fit! NOW GET ME OUT!! I think my oxygen is running out… I feel light headed and woozy.. I’m getting weak…. Mother…? mother…? are you there…??” **gasp**
Me : “If you die you won’t meet Jordan Hembrough tomorrow…”
Ricky : “Is he going to ask for my autograph?”
Me : “I doubt it.”
Ricky : “Hmmphf!”



Ricky : “All the people in this airport are jealous of how cool I am.. See how they’re looking at me??!!”
Me : “They’re looking at me too..”
Ricky : “Well, duh. That’s because you’re with ME!”


On Our Way To BCLA!!

Ricky : “Do they offer a meal on this flight???”
Me : “No. I don’t think so.”
Ricky : “Remember the good old days when they served all you can eat lobster on all the plane rides?!! Even in the cheap seats!! Boy how times have changed!!”
Me : “Yeah…. That never happened. Not even in the good old days..”
Ricky : “It might have…”
Me : “It didn’t.”