Noisy Nappers

Me : “What’s going on, Egg? How come you’re not napping before the Cowboys game like these bums??”
Egg : “Well!! It is sort of hard to sleep when SOMEONE is snoring!!”
Me : “Who’s snoring?”
Egg : “I’m going to guess it’s the furry, snorting one, but I can’t be sure… It’s so loud I can’t tell which direction it’s coming from!!”
Me : “Sort of like surround sound..?”
Egg : “Or snorround sound!! HAhahaaahaaaaa!!”


Secret Santa

Ricky : “Mom’s coworker Nancy got me this awesome sweater. She was my Secret Santa!”
Me : “Actually she was MY Secret Santa, not yours…”
Ricky : “Sooooo…. that Dunkin Donuts gift card that was in the bag… Was that for me or for you??!”
Me : “That was for me. I plan on using it tomorrow..”
Ricky : “Ehhhhh…… Make sure you have cash on you too.”
Me : “Why?? Wait. Where did that coffee come from??!”
Ricky : “Dunkin.. Do you want a sip??”
Me : “My gift card is empty isn’t it?!”
Ricky : “Just make sure you have some cash… That’s all I’m going to say.”


Shopping for Dallas, Again!

Ricky : “Today we are buying presents for Dallas. Tomorrow is his one year Adoptiversary! What should we get him, Chip??!!”
Chip :
Ricky : “Dallas isn’t really the purple ribbon wearing kind of guy, Chip… Plus I think he would eat it.. Any other ideas??”
Chip :
Ricky : “Uhhhh… Yeah… That’s a terrible idea. You’re not really helping me here, Chip..”
Chip :
Ricky : “You can say you’re sorry until the cows come home..”
Chip : ..
Ricky : “No. It’s an expression! We’re not getting any cows!!”


Black Friday at the Library

Ricky : “It’s super boring here today…”
Me : “Yeah. Everyone is out doing Black Friday shopping.”
Ricky : “Can me and Egg play Giant Scrabble?”
Me : “Sure. Just don’t be too loud.”
Ricky : “Yeah… We don’t want the invisible library patrons getting mad!!”
Me : “Don’t be a wise guy!”
Ricky : “Shhhhhh!!”


Today We Are Thankful

Ricky : “Today was Thanksgiving and we are thankful for lots of things!”
Me : “Like??”
Ricky : “We are thankful that our neighbors were not home and were not hurt when their house burned to the ground this afternoon!”
Me : “Yes. That was very scary! Our community will help them get back on their feet, I believe…”
Ricky : “And we are thankful that the library wasn’t actually on fire when the fire alarm company called you at Grandma’s just as we were getting ready to eat!”
Me : “Well.. We didn’t know it wasn’t on fire until our friend Megan told us it wasn’t.. But we drove there to check on it anyway!”
Ricky : “And we are thankful that we were able to drive back to Grandma’s after we made sure the library wasn’t on fire, and enjoy a nice dessert of Grandma’s ice cream cake!”
Me :  “Tell everyone the flavor of the ice cream cake…”
Ricky : “One half was chocolate and vanilla, and the other half was vanilla and chocolate!”
Me : “That’s basically the same thing..”
Ricky : “I know.. I pretended like it was fancy so I didn’t hurt her feelings..”
Me : “And I am thankful for that!”


What’s In a Name?!

Ricky : “Ok.. So, Brooklyn.. apparently we are Aunts now! At BlytheCon Brooklyn our sister Gillian won the adoption bid for this new girl and that makes the new girl our niece! What’s your name, new girl??”
Bridgette : “My name is Bridgette, Ricky.”
Ricky : “Very good! And that’s AUNT Ricky! Bridgette, meet Brooklyn! Brooklyn.. Bridgette!”
Brooklyn : “BRIDGE-ette? So you got a BlytheCon Brooklyn themed name too??!”
Bridgette : “I guess I did..”
Ricky : “It could be worse.. You could be named Raffle Ticket or Prize Girl!”
Brooklyn : “Or Penny Social!