Rock Pushers

Ricky : “C’mon Daisy! We gotta get this painted rock to its hiding place!”
Daisy : “Why did you paint such a big rock, Ricky?? It’s heavy!!”
Ricky : “It’s the perfect rock! I saw it, and it looked like a heart, so BAMM!! I painted a heart on it!”
Frenchie : “He he he… You said ‘heart on it.’ ‘Heart on’ … that sounds like ‘hard….”
Ricky : “FRENCHIE! STOP! Think clean thoughts!”
Daisy : “How much farther??!!”
Ricky : “Ohh… Three more miles maybe..?”
Daisy : “Yuck!”


Our Town Rocks!!

Ricky : “Mom.. I found this pretty rock in the garden. Where do you think it came from??”
Me : “There’s a group of people that are painting pretty pictures on rocks and hiding them around town for people to find! Congratulations on finding one!”
Ricky : “Do I win a prize??”
Me : “No… But there’s a few things you can do. You can keep it, but if you do you should paint another rock and hide it for someone else to find, or you can hide this one somewhere else.”
Pigeon : “I think you should keep it, Ricky. I’ll help you paint another rock and we can hide it together! Mom?? Where can we buy a rock to paint??!”
Ricky : “It’s a rock, Pigeon… Why would we buy a rock??! We live in the country.”
Pigeon : “Ohhhhhh.. Yeah..”
Macaron Sonny : “It’s Wiener Wednesday! We could paint a picture of my…”
Me : “OH AND THERE’S ONE MAJOR RULE! No dirty pictures on the rocks. They must be kid friendly. What did you want to paint on the rock Macaron..??”
Macaron Sonny : “Nevermind..”


Another Wiener Wednesday

Ricky : “C’mon, you guys! Can you walk a little faster??!”
Tiny Tina : “The sidewalk is a little slippery… I sure hope I don’t lose my balance and have to grab on to Frenchie’s cute little bubble butt to break my fall… Uhhhhhh”
Frenchie : “I knew my butt felt warm! Stop breathing on it, Tiny Tina!!”
Egg : “She’s like a walking hormone…”


Getting Some Sun

Egg the Elephant : “This little Sonny Angel boy has a brown head!! Boy, why is your head so brown?!!”
Sonny Angel : “I’m not wearing bronzer!! I have a tan! This is my natural color!”
Daisy : “No one said you were wearing bronzer..”
Ricky : “He’s getting a little testy, isn’t he?!! Hahaha!! Get it??! Because he has no pants on!! Testy. Like testicl..”
Me : “RICKY!! STOP!”


Sonnyman or Snowangel??

Ricky : “Uhhh.. Egg?? While we admire your attempt at building a snowman…”
Lupita : “We think you should stick to just using snow when you build them, okay?.”
Ricky to Lupita : “Should we be worried about this??”
Lupita : “I don’t know…”


A Wiener Wednesday Walk

Ricky : “Mom. Me and Frenchy here are gonna go for a walk in the snow. We’re gonna make snow angels!”
Me : “Uhhhh… I’m not sure if snow angels are the best idea for little Frenchy…”
Frenchy : “I have never done this snow angels! I do not know how we will make them.. Ricky has promised me hot cocoa with the cool whip and a big tub of the Bag Balm!! What is this Bag Balm??”
Me : “Omg… Ricky!! No snow angels for Frenchy!!”
Ricky : “Awwww!!”



Ricky : “Ah HA! What do we have here??!! A footprint! I believe we have been visited by some sort mystical creature! Perhaps it is a Three Headed Cerberus or a Hellhound??!
Rainie : “Or perhaps it was Dallas… our puppy…??!”
Ricky : “Noooooo.. This is much too large to belong to Dallas!! Careful Frenchie!! Don’t fall in! It would be like falling into a canyon or a bottomless cavern!! Be safe, little man, be safe!”
Frenchie to Rainie : “Did she eat some yard mushrooms or something??!”
Rainie to Frenchie : “It’s possible..”