The Solar Eclipse

Ricky : “This is fantastic, Latte!!”
Latte : “Can I have a turn??”
Ricky : “Hold on! I’ll describe it to you! The Sun looks very orange, and the Moon is slowly creeping across it.. It’s so cool!”
Latte : “Can I see??!”
Ricky : “In a little bit! You could probably look right at it without the glasses! You have no pupils!”
Latte : “The news people said EVERYONE needed glasses!”
Ricky : “Fake news!”
Me : “RICKY! That’s not fake news! Let Latte borrow the glasses to see the eclipse!”
Ricky : “Latte.. At 4pm I will let you borrow them forever.”
Latte : “Thank you.”
Me : “Ricky. The eclipse will be over by then. Hand them over.”
Ricky : “Pftttt, okay.”