The Solar Eclipse

Ricky : “This is fantastic, Latte!!”
Latte : “Can I have a turn??”
Ricky : “Hold on! I’ll describe it to you! The Sun looks very orange, and the Moon is slowly creeping across it.. It’s so cool!”
Latte : “Can I see??!”
Ricky : “In a little bit! You could probably look right at it without the glasses! You have no pupils!”
Latte : “The news people said EVERYONE needed glasses!”
Ricky : “Fake news!”
Me : “RICKY! That’s not fake news! Let Latte borrow the glasses to see the eclipse!”
Ricky : “Latte.. At 4pm I will let you borrow them forever.”
Latte : “Thank you.”
Me : “Ricky. The eclipse will be over by then. Hand them over.”
Ricky : “Pftttt, okay.”



Ricky : “It’s so humid today, huh girls?! I just can’t do anything with my hair!!¬†Moppet, do you have a brush?”
Moppet :
“Do I look like I own a brush…?”
Latte :
“Ricky!! Your hair is like 99% perfect today! Mine keeps getting into my eyes and sticking to my face…”
Moppet :¬†((whispers)) “ hair is so big because it’s full of secrets…”
Ricky : “What does that even mean?!”
Moppet : “Honestly, I have no idea…”


Wiener Wednesday Willies!

Me : “What are you guys doing??”
Ricky : “Shhhh, Mom… Mr. Hallowiener is telling me and Latte scary stories! I’m shining this light on him to help set the mood.. and because you probably wouldn’t let us build a campfire in here..”
Me : “Uhh.. yeah. No fires in the house.”
Mr. Hallowiener : “Okay girls.. This one’s a cautionary tale.. It’s called ‘Pee Pee Crusher AKA The Potty with the Seat Made of Iron’ Well maybe not iron but it sure as heck felt like it… Anyways, so I had drank too much water that day and I had to go..”
Me : “OKAY! That story is done! Thank you!! Let’s go get some ice cream or something girls..”
Latte : “But he’s not done telling about the Pee Pee Crusher!!”
Me : “Oh he’s done. C’mon girls!”


Looking for a Book

Ricky : “C’mon Latte!! We’ve got two more shelves to climb!.”
Latte : “Ricky, can we take a break? Climbing these shelves is hard work. Why are we climbing up so high??”
Ricky : “There’s a book up there that will tell me more about my Dutch girl clogs.”
Latte : “I’ll tell you more about your clogs.. They’re LOUD! Wearing them at a quiet library to climb metal shelves is not one of your best ideas..”
Ricky : “I’ve had worse ideas..”
Latte : “True.”
Macaron Sonny : “I want to wear them! They match my hat! It’s Wiener Wednesday and I need to dance!”


One Job

Ricky : “You had one job, Latte. One.”
Latte : “I know….”
Ricky : “And what was that job?!”
Latte : “Keep the Donutzie away from Frenchie..”
Ricky : “And now what’s happened??!”
Latte : “He’s wearing the Donutzie like a pool float… It’s touching his naughty bits..”
Ricky : “Yeah. Ew.”
Latte : “I’m sorry..”
Ricky : “It’s okay. It’s Wiener Wednesday. These things happen.”


Library Ghost

Ricky : “Hey Latte.. You hear that??!”
Latte : “Hear what??”
Ricky : “I heard a ghost noise. Mom says the library has a ghost. They’ve had ghost hunters here, and they say there are ghosts too.”
Latte : “Ricky… What did the ghost noise sound like?”
Ricky : “OooOOo.. I can’t fiiiind my libarrrrry carrrrd.”
Latte : “RICKY!! Stop it! That was not a ghost! That was a library patron!”
Ricky : “…He was sort of scary though, right??”
Latte : “Yeah. He was.”


Pretty is as Pretty Does

Ricky : “Mom, doesn’t Darla look pretty today?”
Me : “Yes she does!”
Darla : “Thank you!”
Latte : “Darla was sad, Mom. We found her crying! She said she felt like our ugly stepsister! I told her firstly, you are not our stepsister! And secondly, you are not ugly. She didn’t believe us…”
Ricky : “So that’s why we brought out the Magical Hankie Dress. We told Darla that whoever wears the Magical Hankie Dress, and is pure of heart, will appear beautiful to all who see her!”
Darla : “And I think it’s working!!”
Me : “It must be!”
Ricky : *whispers to Mom* “Mom. Please, don’t tell her there’s no such thing as a Magical Hankie Dress… Look how happy she is. She wouldn’t believe she was pretty so we had to trick her..”
Latte : “And I’m pretty sure that once you wear the Magical Hankie Dress, it’s permanent, as long as you stay pure of heart…. You hear that Darla?”
Darla : “It is?? Oh my gosh! I will stay pure of heart! I promise!”
Me : “You three are all very beautiful, inside and out. You make me very proud.”