Our New Addition

Ricky : “Mom. I know I said I needed a new sister and this girl is really cute.. but I think we got one with a bladder problem..”
Me : “Omg. Why would you say that?!”
Ricky : “Every time I say something to her she says wee wee!”
Me : “She is saying oui oui! That means yes in French. She’s from France!”
Ricky : “If she’s from France, why did you name her Brooklyn?! You could have named her Francie or Frenchie or Francesca or Franabelle!!”
Me : “I wanted to remember where we were when we adopted her…”
Ricky : “Yeah. I figured. That’s super original…You know how many dolls were named Brooklyn because of BlytheCon yesterday? Probably a thousand of them!! I guess it could have been worse. You could have named her DUMBO!! That’s the part of Brooklyn we were in..”
Me : “Awww. That would have been cute!!”



Me : “Ricky? What do you have there?? Did you open one of the BlytheCon packages??!”
Ricky : “RELAX, MOM! This is from my BFF Melani! You see it says, ‘To Ricky’?? That means it’s MINE and it even says I don’t have to share with my sisters!!”
Me : “That’s some haul… Did you tell Melani thank you??”
Ricky : “I was going to… I’m just checking to make sure everything is in good condition.. The Noid looks good. Ponies are all accounted for. The bag is all bag-like, handles are intact. Lollipops look delicious and unlicked. Boombox is rad. The disco balls have no broken mirrors! I’m promoting Melani to my #1 fan!”
Me : “AND the hat fits your big fat head!!”
Ricky : “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about the hat!! HEY!!! My head’s not fat!”
Me : “Suuure it’s not.”



Ricky : “So these are all creatures from 1980s’ video games?? That’s why Morgan made hair stuff with them on it??”
Me : “Yep. There are hair clips with Pac Man, the ghosts from Pac-Man, and some Space Invaders..”
Ricky : “What kind of space did they invade?? Personal space? Like they stand too close to you..??”
Me : “Nooo.. OUTER Space!”
Ricky : “Ohh.. I was gonna say that sounds like a really stupid game… I think those ghosts on that headband are looking at me… Do you think they’re looking at me?”
Me : “They might be.. I’m not sure.. Stay still just in case.”
Ricky : “MOM!”



Ricky : “So this signed picture came from that Dolly Treasures lady? The mom of the Little Mischiefs??! Those girls I see on my iPad, that get into all sorts of trouble?!!”
Me : “Yes. Eileen is her name and she donated that picture to us to give away at BlytheCon.”
Ricky : “And she’s going to be AT BlytheCon??!! With these Little Mischief girls??!!”
Me : “Yes, she will.”
Ricky : “Ohhhh… OHHHHH…. I don’t know what I’m going to wear!!! They always look so pretty! Even when they’re covered in flour!! I CAN’T BREATHE MOM!! Those girls are like my heroes!! I THINK I’M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!! GAAAAHHH..”
Me : “RICKY! Calm down! It’ll be fine!”
Ricky : “Mom. You don’t know! What if they talk to me and I can’t talk!! What if i open my mouth and nothing comes out??!!”
Me : “Well…. The silence would be nice for a change..”
Ricky : “MOTHER!! That is mean!!”
Me : “I’m sorry…”


A Bevy of Boxen

Ricky : “Uhh ohhh, Mom… I think you went a little bit overboard buying yourself stuff for your birthday! Look at all those boxes!! Dad is gonna be soooo mad…”
Me : “These aren’t things I bought! These are donations for BlytheCon!”
Ricky : “So people are just sending you free stuff??! That’s crazy!!”
Me : “It’s not crazy! People in our community are very generous. It’s awesome!”
Ricky : “How are you keeping track of everything??!”
Me : “I have a Google spread sheet workbook… Items in black aren’t here yet. Items in purple have arrived. I also have sheets for the different types of donations too and everything is numbered!”
Ricky : “You are such a nerd…”
Me : “I’m okay with that. And by the way, Dad wouldn’t care if all those boxes did have stuff I bought myself for my birthday!”
Ricky : “Yeah. I know… He’s a pushover!”


Donation Inspector

Me : “Ricky…? Where did you get all of that stuff?!”
Ricky : “It was in a box… The box was open, MOM! I didn’t open it!!”
Me : “I know you didn’t open it… I opened it! You aren’t supposed to be going through the BlytheCon Brooklyn donations!”
Ricky : “I was proofreading this magazine!! I’m helping!!”
Me : “And what about the hairbands, the friendship pins and the button??!”
Ricky : “It’s all about quality control! I don’t want anyone getting any duds in their goodie bags! You’ll be happy to know these have all been given my stamp of approval! Great job Christin and Andrew!!”
Me : “I’m going to have to put these donation boxes up much higher.. or maybe lock the spare room..”
Ricky : “Okay.. but if some wonky donation gets through, I’m not taking the blame..”
Me : “I think we’ll be okay.”


The Solar Eclipse

Ricky : “This is fantastic, Latte!!”
Latte : “Can I have a turn??”
Ricky : “Hold on! I’ll describe it to you! The Sun looks very orange, and the Moon is slowly creeping across it.. It’s so cool!”
Latte : “Can I see??!”
Ricky : “In a little bit! You could probably look right at it without the glasses! You have no pupils!”
Latte : “The news people said EVERYONE needed glasses!”
Ricky : “Fake news!”
Me : “RICKY! That’s not fake news! Let Latte borrow the glasses to see the eclipse!”
Ricky : “Latte.. At 4pm I will let you borrow them forever.”
Latte : “Thank you.”
Me : “Ricky. The eclipse will be over by then. Hand them over.”
Ricky : “Pftttt, okay.”