Happy New Year!!


The Tappan Zee

Ricky : “Tonight we’re bringing Oliver to visit my sister Gillian and her boyfriend Randy. To get there we have to go over the new Tappan Zee bridge. It crosses the Hudson River. Mom wanted to get pictures of the bridge but it’s dark and rainy!”
Oliver : “The sign says it’s called the Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge…..”
Ricky : “To us New Yorkers it will always be The Tappan Zee!! It’s funner to mispronounce! TaPANzee!! TaPANzee!! WHOOOOOO!!!”
Oliver : “Wow. You are very easily entertained..”


Keep on Truckin’

Ricky : “My trucker hat looks really good on you, Oliver…”
Oliver : “Thank you.”
Ricky : “Did you hear everything that I said, Oliver?”
Oliver : “yesss…? I said thank you..”
Ricky : “MY trucker hat! When you head out on your travels in two and a half weeks, I’d better not find MY trucker hat in your collection of things in that big travelling trunk of yours! Capisce??!!”
Oliver : “Yes!! I understand. Maybe we can stop by Tractor Supply before I go and see if they have one I can keep??”
Ricky : “Oh! That’s a good idea! And if they don’t, I’ll just keep mine and you won’t have one.”
Oliver : “Okayy..”



Ricky : “See that blobby thing in that jar there, Oliver?? That’s a sweet tea monster. My mom says his name is Scoby. Scoby turns sweet tea into a drink called kombucha. He eats the sugar in the sweet tea for about a week and makes it all tart and bubbly..”
Oliver : “Okayyy…. I’m not sure if I want to know how the monster makes the bubbles in there…”
Ricky : **giggles**


The Barto Family Singers

Ricky : “Mom got us these cool sweaters for Christmas.. We look like we’re one of those family bands.. That Nutcracker guy can be our drummer!!”
Oliver : “If he’s the drummer, can I be the guitar player??!!”
Ricky : “Sorry, Oliver. We three need to be singers.. Our sweater cuffs are too tight and we can’t use our hands!!”
Bixby : “Mom tried to stretch them out and she put socks over our hands to try and pull our hands through.. It didn’t work.”
Oliver : “I was wondering why she put socks on my hands… I thought it was a New York thing..”
Bixby : “Nope.. It’s a doll mom thing.”


In the Nick of Time

Ricky : “Oliver!! What great timing you have!! You’re here just in time for Christmas Eve!! This little stocking is yours. Santa’s gonna come later, after we’re asleep, and fill it up with goodies!”
Oliver : “Ohhhh!! That’s awesome!!”
Bixby : “Ricky…. How come Oliver’s stocking is half the size of yours…?”
Ricky : “Nope. They’re the same size. It must be the angle from where you’re standing… ¬†Move over and look at them again.”
Bixby : “Ahhh… No. It’s not the angle… Wait. Where’s MY stocking??!!”
Oliver : “I’ll bet Ricky’s is bigger because she’s going to share hers with you, Bixby. Right Ricky??”
Ricky : “I guess I am now. Hmmphf!”


Ricky Meets Bixby

Ricky : “Sooooo…. You’re the new girl??”
Bixby : “Yeah.. I’m not really new…. I’m new to HERE, but I’ve been around since 1972.”
Ricky : “Holy moly!! That’s a long time!! What have you been doing all those years??”
Bixby : “I really don’t remember. I think I was packed away and sleeping..”
Ricky : “Yeah.. That’s probably about right. You’ve got some major bedhead going on there!! I’m going to call you Bixby Bedhead!!”
Bixby : “..thanks..”
Ricky : “I’m not trying to be mean.. Hair like yours usually means that your kid loved you a whole bunch.”
Bixby : “You think so??”
Ricky : “Yeah. Your kid definitely loved you. Sometimes when they grow up, they forget how much they love us.. It’s not your fault.”
Bixby : “Do you think that’ll happen here??”
Ricky : “No way. Mom’s grown up already! She loves us! She won’t forget us!”
Bixby : “Ok good!”