The Art Critic

Ricky :
“Today we’re in Kent, Connecticut. We always come over here to get hot dogs from our friend Chris. He has a hot dog cart. Lots of artists live here too, and there’s sculptures all around the town… This one is two doors down from the hot dog stand. I’m going to call this one The Gassy Rooster. Maybe he had one of Chris’ chili dogs, huh mom??!”
Me : “Maybe..”
Ricky : “Wait… Is that a chicken or a rooster?”
Me : “A rooster IS a chicken.”
Ricky : “But is it a boy or a girl??”
Me : “I have no clue! Just call it The Chubby Chicken!!”
Ricky : “The Gassy Rooster is funnier Mom…”
Me : “omg… But yeah.. I agree.”


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