Ricky Gives a Pep Talk

Ricky : “Okay, kid.. You’re heading off to L.A. Are you ready??”
Tatum/Addie : “I think so, Sir!”
Ricky : “You’re going to go out there and be the best damn prize that BlytheCon L.A. has to offer!! You hear me??!!”
Tatum/Addie : “I hear you, Sir!”
Ricky : “What’re you gonna do??”
Tatum/Addie : “Be the best damn prize, Sir!!”
Ricky : “Tell me what makes you special!!”
Tatum/Addie : “An Oscar was won for my performance in Paper Moon, Sir! I was the youngest to win one!!”
Ricky : “Yes you were!! Now get in that shipping box and get yourself to the post office!!”
Tatum/Addie : “But Oscar winners fly first class, Sir?! Whatd’ya mean shipping box?? It’s dark in there!!”
Ricky : “Be brave!! You got this!!”
Tatum/Addie : “YIKES!”


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