Joy Brown Brings Us Joy

Joy Brown Brings Us Joy

Ricky : 
“You know what, Mom? When I see these sculptures by Joy Brown I like to pretend that somewhere in the world there are real people that look like them and that they are very kind.. And even though these are made of bronze, the real people would be really soft and squishy, and they’d give really good hugs!”
Me :  “Hmmmm. I can totally see that. Joy Brown has her studio right here in Kent, CT.”
Ricky :  “So you’re saying that the real people might live around here??!!! OMG!! We need to find them!!! C’mon!!!”
Me :  “Ahhhh.. I wasn’t really saying that but okay, lol.”

Joy Brown Brings Us Joy


Holy Crow!

Holy Crow!!

Ricky : “Mom, look! It’s Canuck!! Juliet’s crow friend from the movie, Canuck and I!!! AHHHH!! He’s a movie star!!”
Me : “Ricky… Canuck lives in Vancouver in Canada…. We’re in Connecticut.. I highly doubt that THAT crow is Canuck..”

Chris Doesn't Give Heckle Hot Dogs

Chris the Hot Dog Guy : “That crow is named Heckle! He comes here every day. There’s some bird food over on the picnic table for him.”
Ricky : “Pssstt… Mom! Look at that food over on the table… Chris has all sorts of good food on his hot dog cart and he’s feeding Heckle that stuff!! Ew”
Me : “I don’t think Heckle is supposed to be eating people food Ricky..”
Ricky : “I’ll bet if Heckle had money to buy food, he’d get a hot dog from Chris!”
Me : “Yeah, well.. Crows don’t have money..”
Ricky : “Nope. Maybe not cash but if he could talk he’d say to put it on his bill!!! HAHAHAAAAAAA!! Get it??! On his BILL!”
Me : “Yeah. I get it. You’re hilarious.”
Ricky : “I know, right?!! I crack myself up!”

Good thing This Sign Was Here... 

Ricky :
“Oh my gosh! How funny is that??!! How lucky are we??!!”
Me : “What are you talking about??”
Ricky : “Imagine if this sign was someplace else?? We wouldn’t have seen Heckle here today!! He would have been at the other place where the sign was!! It was meant to be, us seeing him today!! WOO HOO!!”
Me : “Sooo.. You’re thinking that Heckle only showed up here today because he saw the Crow Crossing sign??”
Ricky : “Well durrrr, Mom! Of course!!”
Me : “Yep. I’m sure you’re right. Aren’t we the lucky ones…”
Ricky : “That’s what I just said!!”