Five Questions with Ricky – A BNN (Blythe Network News) Interview

Holly here from Blythe Network News with interview number 2 from our three edition run of “Five Questions With”. Heidi Corley Barto is a great woman. You must have heard the expression, behind every great woman is a great Blythe. Well Heidi is no exception. Behind her is a Blythe for the ages. Here is our interview with the one and only Ricky!

Holly : “Ricky, thank you for coming. Do you see yourself as a Blythe icon?”

Ricky : “YES! OF COURSE!! I don’t really.. I’m just me… but it would be cool if the other Blythe kids thought I was! An icon is a famous person or thing that represents something of importance… Blythe IS important. I know I’ve helped my Mom though a lot of tough situations and have helped her meet new people and be more outgoing. I hope other Blythe kids are following my example and doing that too!”

Holly : “I hear that your image has been stolen and used in a Lithuanian potato chip ring. Is there any advice you can give us to prevent things like this from happening?”

Ricky : “Don’t be so cute?? I don’t know, Holly… The picture that they stole was watermarked. Even watermarked pictures aren’t safe. Most digital thieves can photoshop out a watermark. They don’t care. There’s not really much we could do other than to not share pictures online… but that would be no fun… Mom says this theft isn’t going to stop her from sharing my pics and stories. Plus, now I can really tell people that I’m ‘all that and a bag of chips’ because I’m actually on a bag of chips!!!”

Holly : “You are one of a few Blythe who has a strong father figure. Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with Rick?”

Ricky : “I know a lot of Blythes with single parent dads and some with two dads!! They all look pretty strong to me, lol. Ricky Sr is a very cool Blythe dad. Probably one of the coolest! Did you see how he dressed up for BlytheCon Brooklyn??! He was LL Cool Rick! Only a cool dad would do that! My Dad travels a lot for work and he’s always trying to get Mom and me to go too. He says to her… ‘There’s lots of places for you to take pictures of Ricky….’ and Mom runs and packs our bags!”

Holly : “Do you know how your Mom first discovered Blythe?”

Ricky : “She was being a creeper on Flickr, looking at Monster High Doll repaints!! EW! Their heads are soo TINY!! Anyways… She came across a custom Blythe and yelled out so loud she scared the dog, ‘WHAAAAA???!!! I NEED ONE OF THOSE IN MY LIFE!!!’ Then she got a whole bunch and now we can’t move in our house!!”
Heidi : “I think you may be exaggerating just a bit…”

Holly : “What’s next for you Ricky? A movie? Talk show? Another Convention?”

Ricky : “I’m heading to BlytheCon LA in September. I’ll be mingling with my peeps there. At BlytheCon Brooklyn Mom had me behind the prize counter the whole time and I didn’t get to see anybody!! I’d love to write another book. A movie would be awesome!! They filmed A Quiet Place in our town and I hear they’re doing a sequel… I’m going to have my sisters teach me sign language so I’ll be ready when they come by looking for extras! ((Fumbles hands around pretending to sign…)) “They haven’t taught me anything yet..”

Holly : “Thank you Ricky, Heidi and Rick for all you do making us laugh and sharing your stories with us. Stay cool everyone. Remember your girls can be journalists also. Holly signing off from BNN.”


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  1. thank you Holly and Ricky for a very entertaining interview, and Heidi for being such a good mummy


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