Visiting Grandma

Ricky : “Today we’re visiting my Grandma in the hospital. Apparently her heart attacked her. I think it must have grabbed a hold of her hair in that attack because it’s a mess! DID YOUR HEART ATTACK YOUR HAIR TOO, GRANDMA??!”
Me : “Oh my gosh, Ricky! Stop yelling! We’re in the Intensive Care Unit and you’re not supposed to be yelling!”
Ricky : “And I don’t think YOU’RE supposed to be taking pictures in here either!”
Me : “Yeah. I know. SHH! I just wanted to let everyone know that Grandma is doing okay and for them to keep her in their thoughts.”
Ricky : “Well, make sure you blur her up good in the background. She’s gonna be mad if you share a picture of her when she doesn’t feel good.”
Me : “Done!”


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