Plan for BlytheCon

Me : “Ricky! What are you doing??”
Ricky : “I’m laying down in the donations! Is that a crime??!”
Me : “Uhh. No. I guess not.”
Ricky : “I was thinking.. I know you are already exhausted and you’re going to be working really hard at this BlytheCon shindig.. Do you want me to shop for you while you work?? I’d be more than happy to spend your money for you…”
Me : “Yeah. I’m sure you would be.”
Ricky : “Every time we go to a BlytheCon you say you should buy a doll and you never do!”
Me : “Yeah. I know..”
Ricky : “I’m going to go find myself a new sister this time, and then I’ll come back and tell you which booth she’s at and how much you gotta pay them to adopt her!! Let’s make this happen! No slacking!! OKAY??!!”
Me : “OKAY! WAIT… What did I just agree to??!! I’m so tired..”