Small Discoveries

Ricky : “Mom? Why are you not using that shelf on the fridge door??”
Me : “What shelf??! I’m using all the shelves!!”
Ricky : “Nuh uh. It’s empty!! Look!”
Me : **bends down to look** “What the heck?? I didn’t even know there was a shelf there!!”
Ricky : “It’s like that dream.. You know the one where all of a sudden you find this whole other area of your house that you never knew existed!! Except this is a tiny shelf, not a big room…”
Me : “I would rather have found a big room..”
Ricky : “We can store Twizzlers on that shelf!”
Me : “They don’t go in the fridge..”
Ricky : “Stop being such a negative Nelly, Mom!”




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