Me : “Ricky? What do you have there?? Did you open one of the BlytheCon packages??!”
Ricky : “RELAX, MOM! This is from my BFF Melani! You see it says, ‘To Ricky’?? That means it’s MINE and it even says I don’t have to share with my sisters!!”
Me : “That’s some haul… Did you tell Melani thank you??”
Ricky : “I was going to… I’m just checking to make sure everything is in good condition.. The Noid looks good. Ponies are all accounted for. The bag is all bag-like, handles are intact. Lollipops look delicious and unlicked. Boombox is rad. The disco balls have no broken mirrors! I’m promoting Melani to my #1 fan!”
Me : “AND the hat fits your big fat head!!”
Ricky : “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about the hat!! HEY!!! My head’s not fat!”
Me : “Suuure it’s not.”


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