Happy Halloween!

Brooklyn : “What are you supposed to be again??”
Ricky : “Ugh! I’m Time Traveler Girl! See my goggles?! Time Travelers have those!”
Brooklyn : “Do Time Travelers always have wet hair??”
Ricky : “Yes…. When you time travel.. there is moisture in the time traveling vortex… and your hair gets wet!”
Brooklyn : “..Mom washed your hair didn’t she?!”
Ricky : “yeah.. It was sticking up really bad.. I looked like a rooster!”


It’s Owl Good

Ricky : “You need to get a picture of this owl Aunt Claire gave me at BlytheCon!! I’m gonna name it Hooters! Isn’t that a good name?! Whenever people hear the name Hooters they will think of my owl!!”
Me : “Uhhh…”
Brooklyn : “Ricky! Hooters is the name of a restaurant that is known for their busty waitresses… When people hear Hooters they aren’t thinking of OWLS!”
Ricky : “Ohhhhh…. Ewwwwww….. How about the name Hootdini then? Because it’s a magical owl!!”
Brooklyn : “Oh brother..”


Our New Addition

Ricky : “Mom. I know I said I needed a new sister and this girl is really cute.. but I think we got one with a bladder problem..”
Me : “Omg. Why would you say that?!”
Ricky : “Every time I say something to her she says wee wee!”
Me : “She is saying oui oui! That means yes in French. She’s from France!”
Ricky : “If she’s from France, why did you name her Brooklyn?! You could have named her Francie or Frenchie or Francesca or Franabelle!!”
Me : “I wanted to remember where we were when we adopted her…”
Ricky : “Yeah. I figured. That’s super original…You know how many dolls were named Brooklyn because of BlytheCon yesterday? Probably a thousand of them!! I guess it could have been worse. You could have named her DUMBO!! That’s the part of Brooklyn we were in..”
Me : “Awww. That would have been cute!!”


Plan for BlytheCon

Me : “Ricky! What are you doing??”
Ricky : “I’m laying down in the donations! Is that a crime??!”
Me : “Uhh. No. I guess not.”
Ricky : “I was thinking.. I know you are already exhausted and you’re going to be working really hard at this BlytheCon shindig.. Do you want me to shop for you while you work?? I’d be more than happy to spend your money for you…”
Me : “Yeah. I’m sure you would be.”
Ricky : “Every time we go to a BlytheCon you say you should buy a doll and you never do!”
Me : “Yeah. I know..”
Ricky : “I’m going to go find myself a new sister this time, and then I’ll come back and tell you which booth she’s at and how much you gotta pay them to adopt her!! Let’s make this happen! No slacking!! OKAY??!!”
Me : “OKAY! WAIT… What did I just agree to??!! I’m so tired..”


Small Discoveries

Ricky : “Mom? Why are you not using that shelf on the fridge door??”
Me : “What shelf??! I’m using all the shelves!!”
Ricky : “Nuh uh. It’s empty!! Look!”
Me : **bends down to look** “What the heck?? I didn’t even know there was a shelf there!!”
Ricky : “It’s like that dream.. You know the one where all of a sudden you find this whole other area of your house that you never knew existed!! Except this is a tiny shelf, not a big room…”
Me : “I would rather have found a big room..”
Ricky : “We can store Twizzlers on that shelf!”
Me : “They don’t go in the fridge..”
Ricky : “Stop being such a negative Nelly, Mom!”





Me : “Ricky? What do you have there?? Did you open one of the BlytheCon packages??!”
Ricky : “RELAX, MOM! This is from my BFF Melani! You see it says, ‘To Ricky’?? That means it’s MINE and it even says I don’t have to share with my sisters!!”
Me : “That’s some haul… Did you tell Melani thank you??”
Ricky : “I was going to… I’m just checking to make sure everything is in good condition.. The Noid looks good. Ponies are all accounted for. The bag is all bag-like, handles are intact. Lollipops look delicious and unlicked. Boombox is rad. The disco balls have no broken mirrors! I’m promoting Melani to my #1 fan!”
Me : “AND the hat fits your big fat head!!”
Ricky : “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about the hat!! HEY!!! My head’s not fat!”
Me : “Suuure it’s not.”