Ricky : “So this signed picture came from that Dolly Treasures lady? The mom of the Little Mischiefs??! Those girls I see on my iPad, that get into all sorts of trouble?!!”
Me : “Yes. Eileen is her name and she donated that picture to us to give away at BlytheCon.”
Ricky : “And she’s going to be AT BlytheCon??!! With these Little Mischief girls??!!”
Me : “Yes, she will.”
Ricky : “Ohhhh… OHHHHH…. I don’t know what I’m going to wear!!! They always look so pretty! Even when they’re covered in flour!! I CAN’T BREATHE MOM!! Those girls are like my heroes!! I THINK I’M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!! GAAAAHHH..”
Me : “RICKY! Calm down! It’ll be fine!”
Ricky : “Mom. You don’t know! What if they talk to me and I can’t talk!! What if i open my mouth and nothing comes out??!!”
Me : “Well…. The silence would be nice for a change..”
Ricky : “MOTHER!! That is mean!!”
Me : “I’m sorry…”