The Snack That Smiles Back

Me : “Girls?? What is going on here..?”
Ricky : “Mother.. It looks to me like Lupita was trying to steal a snack and may have spilled the goldfish..”
Lupita : “Ricky! Getting the goldfish was YOUR idea! You said we had to sneak so Mom wouldn’t get sad since she can’t eat solid stuff for 10 weeks after her gum surgery!!”
Me : “You guys can have a snack. You don’t have to sneak things.. I’ll be fine. I actually ate a goldfish cracker the other day. I just put it in my mouth and let it dissolve…”
Ricky : “Oh. I’ll bet it was delicious..”
Me : “It was..”
Ricky to Lupita : **whispers** “See? I told you! She’s pathetic… This is why we were sneaking. Don’t spill it next time!”
Lupita : “Sorry.”