Ricky : “So these are all creatures from 1980s’ video games?? That’s why Morgan made hair stuff with them on it??”
Me : “Yep. There are hair clips with Pac Man, the ghosts from Pac-Man, and some Space Invaders..”
Ricky : “What kind of space did they invade?? Personal space? Like they stand too close to you..??”
Me : “Nooo.. OUTER Space!”
Ricky : “Ohh.. I was gonna say that sounds like a really stupid game… I think those ghosts on that headband are looking at me… Do you think they’re looking at me?”
Me : “They might be.. I’m not sure.. Stay still just in case.”
Ricky : “MOM!”



Ricky : “So this signed picture came from that Dolly Treasures lady? The mom of the Little Mischiefs??! Those girls I see on my iPad, that get into all sorts of trouble?!!”
Me : “Yes. Eileen is her name and she donated that picture to us to give away at BlytheCon.”
Ricky : “And she’s going to be AT BlytheCon??!! With these Little Mischief girls??!!”
Me : “Yes, she will.”
Ricky : “Ohhhh… OHHHHH…. I don’t know what I’m going to wear!!! They always look so pretty! Even when they’re covered in flour!! I CAN’T BREATHE MOM!! Those girls are like my heroes!! I THINK I’M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!! GAAAAHHH..”
Me : “RICKY! Calm down! It’ll be fine!”
Ricky : “Mom. You don’t know! What if they talk to me and I can’t talk!! What if i open my mouth and nothing comes out??!!”
Me : “Well…. The silence would be nice for a change..”
Ricky : “MOTHER!! That is mean!!”
Me : “I’m sorry…”


A Bevy of Boxen

Ricky : “Uhh ohhh, Mom… I think you went a little bit overboard buying yourself stuff for your birthday! Look at all those boxes!! Dad is gonna be soooo mad…”
Me : “These aren’t things I bought! These are donations for BlytheCon!”
Ricky : “So people are just sending you free stuff??! That’s crazy!!”
Me : “It’s not crazy! People in our community are very generous. It’s awesome!”
Ricky : “How are you keeping track of everything??!”
Me : “I have a Google spread sheet workbook… Items in black aren’t here yet. Items in purple have arrived. I also have sheets for the different types of donations too and everything is numbered!”
Ricky : “You are such a nerd…”
Me : “I’m okay with that. And by the way, Dad wouldn’t care if all those boxes did have stuff I bought myself for my birthday!”
Ricky : “Yeah. I know… He’s a pushover!”


Donation Inspector

Me : “Ricky…? Where did you get all of that stuff?!”
Ricky : “It was in a box… The box was open, MOM! I didn’t open it!!”
Me : “I know you didn’t open it… I opened it! You aren’t supposed to be going through the BlytheCon Brooklyn donations!”
Ricky : “I was proofreading this magazine!! I’m helping!!”
Me : “And what about the hairbands, the friendship pins and the button??!”
Ricky : “It’s all about quality control! I don’t want anyone getting any duds in their goodie bags! You’ll be happy to know these have all been given my stamp of approval! Great job Christin and Andrew!!”
Me : “I’m going to have to put these donation boxes up much higher.. or maybe lock the spare room..”
Ricky : “Okay.. but if some wonky donation gets through, I’m not taking the blame..”
Me : “I think we’ll be okay.”


The Snack That Smiles Back

Me : “Girls?? What is going on here..?”
Ricky : “Mother.. It looks to me like Lupita was trying to steal a snack and may have spilled the goldfish..”
Lupita : “Ricky! Getting the goldfish was YOUR idea! You said we had to sneak so Mom wouldn’t get sad since she can’t eat solid stuff for 10 weeks after her gum surgery!!”
Me : “You guys can have a snack. You don’t have to sneak things.. I’ll be fine. I actually ate a goldfish cracker the other day. I just put it in my mouth and let it dissolve…”
Ricky : “Oh. I’ll bet it was delicious..”
Me : “It was..”
Ricky to Lupita : **whispers** “See? I told you! She’s pathetic… This is why we were sneaking. Don’t spill it next time!”
Lupita : “Sorry.”