Or Maybe She’s a Pirate in Lederhosen..?

Ricky : “Isa? Who’s this kid??”
Isa : “I don’t know, Ricky!! I thought she was with you!”
Ricky : “She looks like an 80s’ kid.. Maybe she’s looking for Blythecon Brooklyn..?? They’re doing an 80s’ theme..”
Isa : “Maybe… She’s a little bit early though.. That’s not until October..”
Ricky : “KID! You’re early and you’re in the wrong place! Donations are coming here, not people! Brooklyn is two hours away by car, but if you start walking now, you’ll make it by October! BYE!!”
Isa : “That’s a little harsh Ricky..”
Ricky : “I’m stressed Isa!! That convention is coming up really fast!!”


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