The Dover Carnival

Ricky : “Tonight  we went to the Dover Carnival. This carnival raises money for the Town of Dover’s Fire Department,  J.H. Ketcham Hose Company Inc. We don’t have paid firefighters in our town. Everything is volunteer. They are always looking for more Volunteers, right Mom?!”
Me : “Yes they are!”

Ricky : “These were the only games I could play. I wanted to play bingo but I’m too young! They would arrest me and throw me in the slammer!!”
Me : “I don’t know that they would throw you in jail but it is illegal for anyone under 18 to play bingo in NY because it’s considered gambling..”
Ricky : “That’s stupid!”

Ricky : “I would totally ride on that but the guy in charge of the ride looks a little sketchy…”

Ricky : “This is Dawn. She’s very nice. She told me several times she’s my #1 fan.”
Me : “She did not say that..”
Ricky : “Shhh!! Mom!! I want them to think I have a rabid stalker fan like Kathy Bates in Misery..”
Me : “OMG..”