We Went to Kent

Ricky : “Today we are visiting Kent, Connecticut. It’s an artsy, fartsy town..”
Me : “RICKY!! Don’t say that!”
Ricky : “But it is!!”
Me : “I know it is but you aren’t supposed to tell everyone that!”

Ricky : “Is this a llama or a giraffe?”
Me : “It’s short like a llama but I think it’s a giraffe because of the antenna looking things on its head..”
Ricky : “Giraffes have antennas??!”
Me : “I said antenna looking things… Not actual antennas. Giraffes have something on their heads… I don’t know what they are..”
Ricky : “And are they metal?? This one is metal..”
Me : “I know this one is metal! You know this is a sculpture and not an actual animal right?!
Ricky : “Ohhhhhhh…. Yeah… I knew that.”

Ricky : “This is the Cheese Market. Dad told Grandma to go inside and to ask them who cuts the cheese. He said for her to ask them if SHE could cut the cheese. Dad says Grandma is a master at cutting the cheese. Mom, Dad and my sister Paige all thought that was very funny and they laughed and laughed.. Why was that funny, Mom? I don’t see anything funny about cutting the cheese..”
Me : “Ohhhh.. Well… Cutting the cheese can be very funny.. Or embarrassing.. It depends on who is near you at the time..”
Ricky : “WHAAT??! You’re confusing me..”
Me : “Hey!! Look over there!! A book store!! Let’s go..”

Ricky : “Do think my book is in there??”
Me : “I doubt it’s in there.. I don’t think they know it exists..”
Ricky : “How about each of us goes in there, one at a time, and asks for it. They’ll see there’s a demand for it and they’ll order a hundred copies!”
Me : “I think that sounds a little suspicious..”
Ricky : “We could wear disguises!!”
Me : “Yeah. That won’t look suspect at all..”


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