Another Sunday at Four Brothers

Ricky : “We came up to visit my sister at work and to get dinner. I’m getting pizza and a salad. They make their own dressing here. It’s really good!”
Me : “So you aren’t having ice cream?”
Ricky : “Of course I’m having ice cream!! Don’t be ridiculous!”

Ricky : “This is the bubble chair. Everyone likes to sit in it.”

Ricky : “It makes me feel really, really small! And that’s the truth!!” *blows raspberry* THBBPTHBPT!!”

Ricky : “Woo hoo!! They’ve got Phil and Josh singing tonight! They are really good! A little boy ran over and gave them a tip. I wanna do that too, but my pocketbook is just for show. There’s no money in there! I should probably get a job…”
Me : “Now there’s an idea!!”
Ricky : ((whispers)) “mom.. I don’t really mean it.. Please don’t make me get a job..”
Me : “omg.”


One thought on “Another Sunday at Four Brothers

  1. darling sweet Ricky, your mom doesn’t really expect you to get a job. Why not ask her for some money to give a tip? 😘


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