Father’s Day Hike with Dad

Ricky : “Today we’re going on a hike on the Appalachian Trail with Dad and Dallas.  Apparently Dallas likes to swim in the Housatonic River. Me and Mom have never seen him swim… Right, Mom?!”
Me : “Yep. This will be the first time. I’m usually not a hiker…”
Ricky : “She’s a bit of a couch potato..”
Me : “Shush!”

Ricky : “Mom stopped to take my picture by this tree. She told Dad that it was because of the pretty moss, but It’s really because she was out of breath and hyperventilating..”
Me : “Omg! You are such a blabbermouth!”

Ricky : “We made it to the river and Mom is still alive!”
Me : “Yeah… I.. made.. it.”

Ricky : “Dallas really does like to swim. He’s funny. He makes splashes and then tries to bite the splashes! Hahahaha! He’s going to be so tired.”
Me : “Is there a shortcut back to the car..? Or a zip line or something..?”
Ricky : “Nope.”
Me : “Bleh.”


One thought on “Father’s Day Hike with Dad

  1. Ricky, you are so very pretty ❤
    and your mom couldn’t be so very tired because she took such lovely photos of you, and that isn’t easy xxx


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