Country Living Fair

Ricky : “We are at the Earth Angels Studios booth at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck NY! There are lots of Blythe girls here. We’re introducing Blythe to people and showing everyone how awesome the Blythe hobby is! Right, Mom?!”
Me : “Yes! We’ve had lots of people ask about you guys today!”
Ricky : “How many times have you told people not to touch our faces because we are art and you don’t touch art?!”
Me : “Lots of times..”
Ricky : “And how many people have said we were creepy?”
Me : “A couple.. But more people loved you! We’ve created some Blythe enthusiasts today!”
Ricky : “The highlight of my day was Jen and Letty treating me like a superstar.”
Me : “Yeah.. I think your head may have gotten a little bigger…”
Ricky : “I hope it doesn’t get too big or my hats wont fit!!”

Pigeon : “I am SO glad mom put panties on me!! This dress is wicked short!”
Lupita : “People keep trying to touch my face! And if I have to demonstrate how our eyes change colors one more time…”
Latte : “Mom keeps telling everyone to touch my hair!”
Daisy : “People like my teeth so I keep trying to smile at them..”
Pigeon : “Stop trying. It’s not working.”
Daisy : “Yeah.. I know.. Some lady just walked by saying how creepy we were.. I hope she trips and faceplants into the wood shavings they have on the ground!”

Ricky : “Mom… You know how I’m always complaining about the new girls that come and live with us??”
Me : “Yeah..”
Ricky : “See that girl back there?? She’s a Tole Tole girl… Isn’t she pretty?! I’ll bet she’s very nice too! I would totally be okay with you bringing a Tole Tole girl home one day. I would even share my clothes with her and not say a word!”
Me : “Really?? Not a word?”
Ricky : “Nope! I would be very very quiet and I would smile at her and then tell her how pretty she looked in MY STUFF. I would even show her where it goes in my dresser when she’s done wearing it!”
Me : “You’re a very generous soul…”
Ricky : “I know.”

Ginger : “Hold the phone!! Ricky is here!!”
Ricky : “Hahahahaaaa!! I see what you did there, Ginger! You’re funny!! Hey? Does this dog belong to you??”
Ginger : “He belongs to my Mom.. He’s looking for a forever home though..”
Ricky : “Ohhh.. Really?? MOM!!!”

Ricky : “Brooks! I’m taking you for a walk. That means YOU need to walk. I’m not carrying you. Mom said I can adopt you only if I took care of you and that means going for walks..”
Me : “He may be tired..”
Ricky : “Oh. We did have a long day outside..”
Me : “We did. You’re doing good job being a doggy mama so far.”
Ricky : “So you aren’t going to take him away ’cause he won’t walk??”
Me : “No. Keep trying. He’ll want to walk once he’s rested a bit.”
Ricky : “Okay. Whew! I didn’t want him to leave because I love him already! He’s a good boy!”
Me : “He is.”


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  1. awww, Ricky is making lots of new friends. She is a kind and generous girl really 😉😘


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