The Giveaway

Ricky : “This is Mom’s book and I’m a little mad at her!”
Me : “Why are you mad at me??!”
Ricky : “‘Cause it has your name as the author, but not mine! You couldn’t have done this without me!”
Me : “That’s very true. How about we give a book away to someone on Facebook or Instagram, and you can write your name in the book we send them?!”
Ricky : “OH! That’s a good idea! Let’s do that!”
Me : “Okay. I’ll post the rules down below.”
Ricky : “Woot!” **runs to get pen**

Facebook entry rules :
1 – Like our Facebook page
2 – Like this giveaway post on Facebook
3 – Comment on the post on Facebook and tag a friend that might like a chance to win too!

Instagram entry rules :
1 – Follow us on Instagram
2 – Like this giveaway post on Instagram
3 – Comment on the post on Instagram and tag a friend that might like a chance to win too!

One book will be given away. You can enter on Facebook and on Instagram for two chances to win! Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST on July 5th.


Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Ricky : “Today was Grandma Corley’s birthday. She says she’s 39, one more time! How many ‘one more times’ have you had Grandma??!!”
Grandma Corley : “WHAAAT?!”
Ricky : “Huh??? NEVERMIND GRANDMA!!”
Grandma Corley : “He he he. A lady never tells her age!”


Another Sunday at Four Brothers

Ricky : “We came up to visit my sister at work and to get dinner. I’m getting pizza and a salad. They make their own dressing here. It’s really good!”
Me : “So you aren’t having ice cream?”
Ricky : “Of course I’m having ice cream!! Don’t be ridiculous!”

Ricky : “This is the bubble chair. Everyone likes to sit in it.”

Ricky : “It makes me feel really, really small! And that’s the truth!!” *blows raspberry* THBBPTHBPT!!”

Ricky : “Woo hoo!! They’ve got Phil and Josh singing tonight! They are really good! A little boy ran over and gave them a tip. I wanna do that too, but my pocketbook is just for show. There’s no money in there! I should probably get a job…”
Me : “Now there’s an idea!!”
Ricky : ((whispers)) “mom.. I don’t really mean it.. Please don’t make me get a job..”
Me : “omg.”


Uncle Al’s Wedding

Ricky : “Today my Uncle Al is marrying my Aunt Diana. Again. I wasn’t around the first time this happened, a long, LONG time ago… He’s a fireman, so the wedding is here at the firehouse. He’s going to slide down the fireman’s pole and Aunt Diana will be waiting for him at the bottom in her bride dress. She’s going to catch him!!”
Me : “Ricky… I don’t think that’s going to happen..”
Ricky : “Were you at rehearsal??! Do you know for a fact that that won’t happen??!!”
Me : “No..”
Ricky : “Don’t dull my sparkle, Mom.”

Ricky : “Hey ladies! This is my Uncle Al! He’s off the market! Aunt Diana has finally made an honest man of him!! Wait? Were you not honest before?? You have a very honest face..”

Ricky : “So.. Uncle Al? Don’t tell Uncle Butch or Uncle Keith but you’re my favorite uncle that’s tall. You looked very handsome today…”

Ricky : “Hey, Uncle Al? Who picked out those flower girls??! I could’ve done that job you know?!! I can throw flowers at people! I do that all the time! I can hit ’em right in the face! POW!”



Ricky : “It’s so humid today, huh girls?! I just can’t do anything with my hair!! Moppet, do you have a brush?”
Moppet :
“Do I look like I own a brush…?”
Latte :
“Ricky!! Your hair is like 99% perfect today! Mine keeps getting into my eyes and sticking to my face…”
Moppet : ((whispers)) “ hair is so big because it’s full of secrets…”
Ricky : “What does that even mean?!”
Moppet : “Honestly, I have no idea…”


Father’s Day Hike with Dad

Ricky : “Today we’re going on a hike on the Appalachian Trail with Dad and Dallas.  Apparently Dallas likes to swim in the Housatonic River. Me and Mom have never seen him swim… Right, Mom?!”
Me : “Yep. This will be the first time. I’m usually not a hiker…”
Ricky : “She’s a bit of a couch potato..”
Me : “Shush!”

Ricky : “Mom stopped to take my picture by this tree. She told Dad that it was because of the pretty moss, but It’s really because she was out of breath and hyperventilating..”
Me : “Omg! You are such a blabbermouth!”

Ricky : “We made it to the river and Mom is still alive!”
Me : “Yeah… I.. made.. it.”

Ricky : “Dallas really does like to swim. He’s funny. He makes splashes and then tries to bite the splashes! Hahahaha! He’s going to be so tired.”
Me : “Is there a shortcut back to the car..? Or a zip line or something..?”
Ricky : “Nope.”
Me : “Bleh.”


Mall Medic

Ricky : “Mom.. Brooks is weak. He’s making me carry him in my bag because he’s feeling woozy..”
Me : “Oh no.. Is he okay?! What can we do?!”
Ricky : “I’m thinking he needs a hot pretzel from that mall pretzel seller over there… Preferably with some honey mustard dip.”
Me : “Would he like a drink too?”
Ricky : “YES! I would… ehhh.. I mean.. HE. He would like one of those frozen, slushy drinks. One of the expensive ones… Thank you!”