Our Town Rocks!!

Ricky : “Mom.. I found this pretty rock in the garden. Where do you think it came from??”
Me : “There’s a group of people that are painting pretty pictures on rocks and hiding them around town for people to find! Congratulations on finding one!”
Ricky : “Do I win a prize??”
Me : “No… But there’s a few things you can do. You can keep it, but if you do you should paint another rock and hide it for someone else to find, or you can hide this one somewhere else.”
Pigeon : “I think you should keep it, Ricky. I’ll help you paint another rock and we can hide it together! Mom?? Where can we buy a rock to paint??!”
Ricky : “It’s a rock, Pigeon… Why would we buy a rock??! We live in the country.”
Pigeon : “Ohhhhhh.. Yeah..”
Macaron Sonny : “It’s Wiener Wednesday! We could paint a picture of my…”
Me : “OH AND THERE’S ONE MAJOR RULE! No dirty pictures on the rocks. They must be kid friendly. What did you want to paint on the rock Macaron..??”
Macaron Sonny : “Nevermind..”