Strike One!

Ricky : “Is it true that lightning never strikes the same place twice?”
Me : “I think that’s a myth..”
Ricky : “Noo… It looks like it hit something over there! Definitely not a miss!”
Me : “I said MYTH, not miss!”
Ricky : “Ohhhhhh… I thought you had a lisp! So can it strike the same place twice??!”
Me : “Omg… YETH! GAH! I mean YES!!”


Tiny Headed Pepper

Pepper : “Ooops! Hello there!! I’m Pepper! You must be Ricky! Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes! Thank you so much! You can wear my Yankees shirt anytime you want! I have no pants or I’d let you borrow them too! I especially love this hat!”
Ricky : “Ehhhhh, you’re welcome..? The sweatshirt and skirt are mine but that hat isn’t..”
Pepper : “Are you sure??”
Ricky : “….yeah.. 100% sure.”
Pepper : “If you say so.”


Visiting Gill at Work

Ricky : “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GILLIAN! Okay Mom! Hurry! Get me out of here!”
Me : “Calm down! Why are you freaking out??!”
Ricky : “There is a little girl looking at me! She’s got her pajamas on during the day! I think she’s a lunatic!”
Me : “She’s got her pajamas on because we’re at a Drive In Movie! She’s probably going to watch the movie and then go home and go right to bed. Kids wear their pajamas here all the time..”
Ricky : “Oh.. Okay. Get me an ice cream please?!”


Dead Man Walking

Ricky : “Mom… That is a silly little creature!”
Me : “I know! I thought it was a hedgehog, but it could be a porcupine..”
Ricky : “I’m going to name him Porky Pine!”
Me : “I bought it for Dallas..”
Ricky : “Oh.. We’ll just call him Last Supper… He won’t be around long..”
Me : “Sad, but very true.”


Naked Dolly Mail Day

Ricky : “Okay, Lady Godiva… Where’s your clothes??!”
Naked Girl : “I had some sort of bubble wrap and cotton cocoon over me earlier, but I don’t know where it’s gotten to…”
Ricky : “A cocoon?? Are you supposed to be a butterfly or something?”
Naked Girl : “No.. I think it’s so I didn’t get hurt when they mailed me..”
Ricky : “Oh.. Your hair needs a good brushing, but other than that you look okay.”
Naked Girl : “Thank you.”
Ricky : “Wanna borrow my comb?”
Naked Girl : “Sure.”



Ricky : “Nell… That is a particularly beautiful blue egg that you have there…”
Nell : “Thank you.. It’s broken.”
Ricky : “Did you break it??!”
Nell : “No. I found it like that..”
Ricky : “We could probably glue it back together, maybe?”
Nell : “I don’t think so.. Did you see there’s bird goo in there..? A baby bird came out of it…”
Ricky : “Oh! Cool! I thought it was a supermarket egg..”
Nell : “So you thought I was sitting here with garbage in my lap??”
Ricky : “Yeah… Sounds sort of stupid now when you say it out loud..”


So Long! Farewell!

Ricky : “See this place? This is the SUNY DCC Residence Hall. Both of my sisters lived here when they went to college. Today my sister Paige is graduating and we won’t be coming here anymore… At least not until I go to college, right Mom?!!”
Me : “Uhhhhh…. Sure… Yeah..”
Ricky : “I don’t like your tone. Do you think I’m not smart enough to go to college??!!”
Me : “Uhhhh.. It’s just that….. err… ehhh…”
Ricky : “Just kidding! I don’t want to go here!! I plan on going to Harvard!”