All Dressed Up

Pigeon : “Ricky! Stop picking your butt!”
Ricky : “I can’t help it! Whenever Mom is taking a picture it’s like there’s a stick jabbing me back there!”
Lupita : “I know what you mean! I gotta pick mine too! Pigeon, you may want to check yourself too. Your dress is super crooked!”
Pigeon : “Ugh.”
Me : “Girls! We’re getting ready to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Please stop fidgeting and quit picking your butts!”
Ricky : “I’m gonna do it right when the waiter comes over!!”
Me : “No. Butt pickers get no dessert!”
Ricky : “awwwww…..”


On Vacation

Ricky : “So much for ‘stranger danger’ huh, guys?!”
Lupita : “Yeah. Mom was talking to a guy on the beach!
Pigeon : “He introduced himself… That means he’s not a stranger, right Mom?!”
Me : “He’s still a stranger! I talked to him because he had a camera and was asking about you guys.”
Ricky : “Then you let him take our picture!! It’ll probably end up on a porn site!! Ewww!”
Me : “I don’t think that will happen…”
Ricky : “You don’t know Mom. You can be very naive sometimes..”
Me : “omg.”


At The Drive In


Ricky : “It’s the new season for the Drive In!! WOO HOOO!! WE’RE GOING TO WATCH ALL THE MOVIES!!”
Nell : “RICKY!! Shhhh! We didn’t actually buy tickets to get in….”
Minka : “Mom smuggled us in in her market basket…. We’re such rebels.”
Egg the Elephant : “You guys know that kids are free, right?! You don’t have to buy tickets..”
Ricky : “So we could have just driven in like normal people instead of being crammed in that basket??!!”
Egg the Elephant : “Yup.”


Ricky : “What are those chicks looking at??!”
Nell : “It’s probably Egg. It’s strange to see an elephant around here..”
Minka : “Yeah.. Probably Egg and not the funky haired lady taking doll pictures…!!”
Ricky : “Mom. Minka said your hair is funky!!”
Me : “She’s right. It IS funky.”


Ricky : “How long before they show the movie!!”
Nell : “Too long!!”
Minka : “We have to wait for it to get dark.”
Egg the Elephant : “Ahhhh. That’ll be forever!!”
Ricky : “Let’s go get candy!!”
Egg the Elephant : “WOOT.”


Minka : “This sign says ‘LOVE’ and my shirts says ‘Bite Me.’ Would that be irony?”
Me : “I’m not sure..”