Big Bundled Baby

Ricky : “Mom. Dallas is being a baby and he’s hogging all the blankets! AND he got them all wet!”
Me : “He really IS a baby. He’s only 6 months old…”
Ricky : “A big baby that weighs 50 pounds!! And why does he hop into the bathtub every time someone is in there taking a shower! He gets soaking wet and then shivers for hours afterwards!!”
Me : “I don’t know why he does that… He knocked the soap and the conditioner down today, too. One day he’s going to pull down the shower curtain..”
Ricky : “That DNA test was wrong.. He’s not an AmStaff, he’s a MOOSE!”


Super Confusing

Ricky : “So Mom. Dad is in Florida at the Pro Bowl for his work??”
Me : “Yes.”
Ricky : “And this is why we’re watching ESPN now?! It’s only 4pm… Doesn’t the pro bowling start at 8pm??”
Me : “Yeah.. It’s not bowling though, it’s football.”
Ricky : “Then why do they say bowl? That’s stupid.. Like the Super Bowl. SUPER stupid!”
Me : “He’s going to that one next week…”
Ricky : “He’d better bring us some super souvenirs!!”


A Wiener Wednesday Walk

Ricky : “Mom. Me and Frenchy here are gonna go for a walk in the snow. We’re gonna make snow angels!”
Me : “Uhhhh… I’m not sure if snow angels are the best idea for little Frenchy…”
Frenchy : “I have never done this snow angels! I do not know how we will make them.. Ricky has promised me hot cocoa with the cool whip and a big tub of the Bag Balm!! What is this Bag Balm??”
Me : “Omg… Ricky!! No snow angels for Frenchy!!”
Ricky : “Awwww!!”



Ricky : “Mom… Firstly, I’m very sorry.. I finded this lollipop in your bag… I know it wasn’t mine, but it was so pretty…”
Me : “So, you’re apologizing because you took it??”
Ricky : “I’m apologizing because I took it and I broke it! But I’m pretty sure I fixed it, so it’s all good now.”
Me : “So I can eat it??”
Ricky : “Nooooo… I got poster putty holding it together!! You can barely see the crack..”
Me : “Eh.. thank you??”
Ricky : “You’re welcome!!”


‘Tis Still the Season

Ricky : “What’s the date, Mom?!”
Me : “It’s January 20th.”
Ricky : “Are we keeping these Christmas cards up until next Christmas??!!”
Me : “Noo….”
Ricky : “How about that Christmas tree in your doll room?? Are we gonna hang Easter eggs on that for Easter?”
Me : “no.”
Ricky : “How about we make a plan and get that stuff put away this weekend?!”
Me : “Ugh. I’m tired….”
Ricky : “Mom.”
Me : “okay.”


The Blind Photographer

Me : “Stand still, girls! You’re going to make the picture blurry!!”
Ricky : “I’m not moving!! Are you guys moving??”
Daisy & Lupita : “Nope.”
Ricky : “Mom. None of us are moving!! It’s your eyes making us look blurry!! Your pupils are huge!!”
Me : “Yeah. The eye doctor dilated them during my eye exam.. I can’t really see…”
Ricky : “How the heck are you going to take a picture then if you can’t see??!”
Me : “I can sort of see.. It’ll be fine.. Don’t move!!”
Ricky : “Ugh.”


Texas Roadhouse

Ricky : “Tonight we ate dinner here. We went here because now that Paige is back at college, we can go to places that serve mostly meat. Paige is a vegetarian and gets tired of always having salad when we go to places like this.”
Me : “Did you like this restaurant?”
Ricky : “I liked that they had peanuts all over and you could just throw your peanut shells all over the floor!”
Me : “There was a bucket on the table for you to throw your shells into, you know?!”
Ricky : “My aim isn’t that good.. I knew I wouldn’t miss the floor.”
Me : “Lazy..?”
Ricky : “Maybe..”