Forever Home

Ricky : “Daiiiiissssyyyy.. I know a secret!”
Daisy : “What is it, Ricky??”
Ricky : “I know where your forever home is going to be..”
Daisy : “Awww, shucks.. Really?? I was hoping I was going to stay with you guys..”
Ricky : “You are!! You’re a forever girl now!”
Daisy : “OMG!! Really?!! How??”
Ricky : “Well… Don’t say anything to Mom, but I may have intercepted some messages with people asking about you.. Mom said she had wanted to keep you from the very beginning, so I helped her out a bit.”
Daisy : “Thank you!!”
Ricky : “Soooo, can I borrow that pretty dress that you had on for forever?! The yellow one?!”
Daisy : “YES!! You can keep it!”