Shopping for Dallas

Ricky : “Tomorrow we pick up my new doggy brother, so today we are buying him some stuff. We got him a new collar with Dallas engraved on it, a new leash, and some toys. Mom talked to Dallas’ foster mom today and learned some stuff about him… Tell them mom..”
Me : “She said that her husband is a Dallas Cowboys fan and that’s why they named him Dallas, but they are also Star Wars fans and he also answers to the nickname of Obi. That’s why we bought him a Star Wars toy too! She also said he was very smart and crate trained and loves to cuddle.”
Ricky : “Tell them the sad thing…”
Me : “I asked where he came from. She said he was thrown over a fence into someone’s yard in a rough neighborhood. That person tried to find out where he belonged but couldn’t, so that’s when the rescue took him. He was super skinny, and the rescue people helped him.”
Ricky : “This makes me want him even more. I’m glad those rescue people do what they do!”
Me : “Me too. They are amazing people.”
Ricky : “I wish people would just treat their dogs the right way to begin with.”
Me : “From your lips to God’s ears.”