Ricky to the Rescue!

Ricky : “See that derpy little pup there?? That’s my new brother!! We pick him up on Saturday. He’s far away in New Jersey. He’s a rescue dog and he’s in a foster home right now. His description says super smart and high energy. I think that means he knows how to get into things! Lots of things!”
Me : “And his name is Dallas!”
Ricky : “Just like Dad’s favorite football team, The Dallas Cowboys!! Dad is very excited to have another boy in the house. He’s been the only one forever! Dad says Dallas will watch football with him and they’ll hike the Appalachian Trail together!”
Me : “And we will have to very patient with Dallas. Coming to a new home with new people is going to be very scary.”
Ricky : “I’ll be patient. If he poops in the house I wont even yell! I’ll quietly tell you to clean it up.”
Me : “Thanks..”