And Now.. The End is Near..

Ricky : “Okay ladies! Technically, my year of being the star is over.. HOWEVER.. I am still pretty popular and will probably be the main subject in Mom’s photos. I’ll make sure she throws you guys a pic once in a while, ya know?? On the days when I’m busy…”
Lupita: “I just hope Mom changes our clothes more often now! Daisy and I are still wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters…”
Daisy : “LUPITA! At least you’re wearing pants!! I have no pants on!! And this room is drafty!”
Isa : “Omg! Quit your bitchin’!! Do you see me??!! I’M NAKED! I’ve been naked for months!! You don’t have to tell me it’s drafty..”
Ricky : “Have a little cheese with that whine!!”
Me : “RICKY…What did we talk about..?!”
Ricky : “Sorry guys… I had my year.. It was fun. I hope you guys get to have as much fun as I did.”
Me : “That’s much better!”


Mom’s Bananas

Ricky : “Mom….. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!”
Me : “I’m baking banana bread!”
Ricky : “I know you haven’t been doing this cooking thing very long, but I really don’t think that cooking the bananas like this is how you’re supposed to make banana bread…”
Me : “Are you sure??!! I saw it on the internet… I thought that everything on there is true…?”
Ricky : “You’re making a joke aren’t you??!!”
Me : “Yesss…. I’m ripening the bananas in the oven so I can use them for the bread. I hope they don’t blow up!! I’ve never done this before! Wish me luck!!”
Ricky : “DAD!!! Mom’s gonna blow up the new kitchen!!”


Snow Day Off

Me : “Sorry guys! I’ve been so busy working on Blythecon Brooklyn duties and the day just flew by… Ricky, do you want some hot cocoa??”
Ricky : “ZZZZzzzzzz…. ZZZZzzzzz….”
Me : “You’re a good babysitter, Dallas!! You deserve a cookie!”



Ricky : “Ah HA! What do we have here??!! A footprint! I believe we have been visited by some sort mystical creature! Perhaps it is a Three Headed Cerberus or a Hellhound??!
Rainie : “Or perhaps it was Dallas… our puppy…??!”
Ricky : “Noooooo.. This is much too large to belong to Dallas!! Careful Frenchie!! Don’t fall in! It would be like falling into a canyon or a bottomless cavern!! Be safe, little man, be safe!”
Frenchie to Rainie : “Did she eat some yard mushrooms or something??!”
Rainie to Frenchie : “It’s possible..”


Left Behind

Ricky : “MOM! Someone left their kid behind in the Children’s Room! You gotta find its parents!! HURRY!!”
Me : “I’m sure they didn’t go far….”
Ricky : “It keeps wanting me to pick it up and read it a story!! Isn’t it like a law that little kids can’t be in this room without a parent??! We need to call the police!!”
Me : “OMG! We’re not calling the police!! And it’s not a law, just a library rule…”
Ricky : “Well!! Its parents broke the rule!! I say when we find them, we take away their library cards, and throw them all out into the snow!!”
Me : “Wow… That’s a little harsh..”
Ricky : “Ehhh. You’re too soft.”


All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

Ricky : “PAIGE!! I’m ready to go now! Where are youuuu??”
Me : “Ricky… Paige left already. She went out to lunch with her friend Casey..”
Ricky : “Awwwwww.. I wanted to go too. I got all dressed and everything… Maybe she didn’t hear me say I wanted to go??”
Me : “I’m sure that’s it. Your new outfit Dad got you looks very nice on you.”
Ricky : “Thank you! I’m wearing it with the hat Dad won in Vancouver and the scarf Dad got me. Dad gets good stuff!”
Me : “Yes he does.”


Season’s Greetings

Ricky : “Like my new outfit?! Dad bought it for me!! This is my cousin Thor. He lives at my Aunt’s house. He was a good boy on Christmas. He didn’t bite my hair. We want him to meet Dallas one day but Dallas has to get bigger first because Thor could eat him!! Anyways, we hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukkah, or a Happy Festivus, or just a plain ol’ awesome Sunday!”
Thor : “Grrrrrrrrrr…Grrrrrrrrr!!”
Ricky : “He doesn’t like your camera, Mom!”