Wiener Wednesday Willies!

Me : “What are you guys doing??”
Ricky : “Shhhh, Mom… Mr. Hallowiener is telling me and Latte scary stories! I’m shining this light on him to help set the mood.. and because you probably wouldn’t let us build a campfire in here..”
Me : “Uhh.. yeah. No fires in the house.”
Mr. Hallowiener : “Okay girls.. This one’s a cautionary tale.. It’s called ‘Pee Pee Crusher AKA The Potty with the Seat Made of Iron’ Well maybe not iron but it sure as heck felt like it… Anyways, so I had drank too much water that day and I had to go..”
Me : “OKAY! That story is done! Thank you!! Let’s go get some ice cream or something girls..”
Latte : “But he’s not done telling about the Pee Pee Crusher!!”
Me : “Oh he’s done. C’mon girls!”