Ricky and Her Big Mouth

Me : “Oh geez… What did you do now??”
Ricky : “Well… Me and Mr. Hallowiener here were just minding our own business… just playing in the library’s Children’s Room… When all of a sudden, these mean kids tied me up in the headphone cords!!”
Me : “Why?? Did you do something to them??”
Ricky : “No….”
Mr. Hallowiener : “She told them that they were acting like wild animals with how they were acting, pulling all the books off of the shelves, walking on them, and running around and yelling… then they told her that wild animals can’t tie knots, and then they tied her up!”
Me : “Ohhh. Well I guess they showed YOU that wild animals CAN tie knots!”
Ricky : “I guess they can..”
Me : “Thank you for trying to keep things under control, but let me take care of it next time, okay?”
Ricky : “Yeah. Okay.”