At Grandma’s House

Pumpkin Head : “Well helloooo, ladies.. Would you like me to add a little pumpkin spice to your life? Ohhh yeah!!”
Ricky : “Halloween’s over bud! Time for you to go back into the decorations closet in the basement!! See you next year! Byeee!!”
Tippy : “Grandma leaves all the pumpkin stuff out until Thanksgiving because pumpkins still say ‘Fall’ to her..”
Ricky : “Oh crap. That sucks. I’m glad I don’t live here…”
Tippy : “Yeah.. I can deal. Soon it’ll be scary Santas and his pervert elves. This guy is easy.”
Pumpkin Head : “I’ll be over here chillaxin’ with these cool turkeys if you ladies change your minds..”