Wiener Wednesday Whining

Me : “What are you two goofballs doing standing out in the rain??”
Ricky : “I came out here because I’m sad… The doggy rescue people haven’t called us yet.. I think that boy doggy is going to go live somewhere else. The rain is washing my tears away!!”
What the Duck : “And I’m out here for moral support. And because I’m sort of a duck. Ducks like the rain. I think..”
Me : “Omg. Come back inside and stop being such a drama queen!”
Ricky : “I will come back inside when they call!! ..Also, I will come inside when dinner is ready.. Yell out the window when it’s time to eat… please.”
Me : “Okay.”


In Your Dreams

Ricky : “Mom.. I had a dream that I was all snuggled up next to that boy puppy. He was very cuddly and every once in a while he would lick my nose!”
Me : “Awww. That sounds like a really good dream.”
Ricky : “Have we heard back from the puppy rescue place yet??”
Me : “No. Not yet.”
Ricky : “Wake me up if you hear anything, okay?? I’m going to go nap and see if I can snuggle that puppy again.”
Me : “Okay.”


These Are Our Demands!

Me : “Ricky? You writing a letter to someone??”
Ricky : “Yeah… I’m writing to the doggy rescue place. I’m telling them we want that boy dog we saw yesterday. That we are a doggy family without a dog to love. He would have a very good home with us.”
Me : “That sounds nice…”
Ricky : “Yes. And I also said that they need to hand him over by 5pm tomorrow or else!! Then I drew a mean face!”
Me : “Uhhh… I think you should leave that last part out!”
Ricky : “Which part??”
Me : “The threatening part AND the mean face drawing!”
Ricky : “Okay, but if we don’t get him it’s your fault…”
Me : “..okay..”


Petfinder Dot Com

Ricky : “Ohh. Look at all these pups, Chip!”
Chip : ….
Ricky : “There are so many dogs that need rescuing! Here’s a girl one! She could be your girlfriend, Chip! Woo hoo! Chip could have a girl friend!!”
Chip : ….
Ricky : “Seriously, Chip?? I had no idea!! Well maybe this little fella is more to your liking then.. He’s very handsome.”
Chip : ….
Ricky : “Yes… I agree. His eyes are very dreamy.”


They Forgot Me!

Ricky : “My sisters went to the mall for some sisterly bonding and they left me at home! I was sleeping!!”
Me : “I’m sure they wanted to take you but just didn’t want to wake you up…”
Ricky : “Yeah… I can be sort of crabby if I don’t get enough sleep.”
Me : “Sort of?? LOL!”
Ricky : “What are you trying to say??!”
Me : “Nothing… Nap time!”


In The Holiday Spirit

Ricky : “Today we went shopping to buy some gifts. My Dad says that sometimes Santa has a hard time finding some kids and we have to help him out. It’s not fair if they don’t get gifts on Christmas just because Santa has crappy GPS. Anyways, we bought these gifts. They are going to a little boy. These things were on his Christmas list, so we bought them. I wrapped them myself.”
Me : “Ricky… I think you may have to make another tag… I don’t think writing ‘To Stranger Boy’ was a good idea..”
Ricky : “Mom. He’s a stranger and he’s a boy.. I did write that I was his friend. Is that okay??”
Me : “Yeah. That should be okay.”


Thanksgiving at Grandma’s

Ricky : “Today is Thanksgiving. You can tell it’s Thanksgiving because of the Christmas decorations in the background.. That was sarcasm. This was Duncle Jerry’s first Thanksgiving with us… We’re a crazy family and sort of loud. He didn’t run away, so that’s a good thing. We ate lots of good food and Aunt Carolyn made us watch funny videos of that little boy Noah Ritter. He says the word ‘apparently’ a lot. He was on Ellen. Aunt Carolyn kept pretending she was him except she would say ‘actually’ instead of apparently…”
Me : “Aunt Carolyn had too much wine..”
Ricky : “Apparently.”