Happy Halloween

Ricky : “Mom… I think it’s time for us to leave this hotel.. There’s some strange things going on here….”
Me : “It’s Halloween. Strange things always happen on Halloween.”
Mirror Ricky : “She’s right. We just need to make it through today and tomorrow we’ll all be back to normal…”
Ricky : “We…??” ((whispers)) “pssst…mom.. help me.”


Hint, Hint

Ricky : “Soooo… What are we going to do tonight after Dad’s done with work…?”
Me : “I don’t know.. We’ll probably grab dinner somewhere.”
Ricky : “Do you like my hat?? Does my hat make you think of anything else here in Florida..? Something that’s right down the road, and much more exciting than just grabbing dinner somewhere!!”
Me : “Miniature golf??”
Ricky : “GAH!!”


Our Hotel is Wild

Ricky : “Do you see what’s on the rocks over there?? It’s turtles and alligators! Mom thought they were sculptures!”
Me : “They’re not moving… I haven’t seen them do anything, so I’m still not sure if they’re real..”
Ricky : “There’s a sign that says they feed them at 6:30pm! I don’t think they’d be feeding them if they weren’t real, Mom!!”
Me : “You never know… This is Florida. They’d do anything for tourists..”
Ricky : “Put your hand in there then! A sculpture wont bite you!”
Me : “Yeah… No. Not going to do that either..”
Ricky : “Chicken!! Bock, BOCK!!”


Spotted in the Wild

Ricky : “Shhhh… Look! We’ve spotted one of my Dad’s Pepsi machines out in the wild!! My Dad is Mr. Know-it-All when it comes to this machine. It’s his baby!”
Dad : “Can you see me in the picture?? Do I look good?! I’m not blurry, right?!”
Ricky : “Oh no, Dad! You look handsome as ever! Not blurry at all!!”
Dad : “Ok good…”
Ricky : “He he he…”


Effin Snow

Ricky : “You have got to be FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!”
Me : “OMG.. RICKY!! Don’t swear!!”
Ricky : “Sorry, but do you see this?! It’s snowing! I had big plans for today!! Major things to do!! This stinks!”
Me : “What were your big plans??”
Ricky : “I was going to go with YOU to IKEA, and play with the kids toys.. That’s it.”
Me : “We’re still going to IKEA…”
Ricky : “Woo hoo!!”


Shopping Trip

Ricky : “Today we went to Big Y. We needed paper plates, Pepsi, milk, baby carrots, and an english cucumber..”
Me : “Yup.”
Ricky : “I think that’s probably the most boring shopping list ever…”
Me : “Yeah… We should have bought some chips and salsa to add a little excitement to our lives!!”
Ricky : “Wow, Mom… That’s like a grandma joke…”
Me : “I know!! AHH!”


Busy, Busy

Ricky : “This is day three of me in this dress! Mom and Dad have been spending all of their time building our new kitchen!! We have skipped dinner two nights in a row because of this darn kitchen!!”
Me : “I didn’t skip dinner. Dad stopped at the library and brought me two egg rolls for dinner..”
Ricky : “DAD!! Why didn’t you get ME egg rolls??!!”
Dad : “Your Mom is lying again.. Don’t listen to her.. “