Goodbye Old Kitchen

Ricky : “Dear Old Kitchen, Tonight will be the last time we cook food in you. You were a good kitchen when you were young, but you haven’t aged well. Your wall oven is too small.. Your dishwasher is broken.. Your burners only sort-of work.. Your cabinets have hidden corners where we lose stuff.. Your tiles are cracked and your paint is rubbed off.. Your refrigerator grows icicles in the freezer and doesn’t like to close.. Your faucet drips all the time! I will be honest. We will not miss you.. I think once you’re gone and we have a new kitchen, Mom will cook us dinner every night! She will bake us cakes and cookies from scratch. She’ll have an apron on, and she’ll twirl around and sing while she makes us fancy food! It’ll be awesome!!”
Me : “Uhhhhhhh….”
Ricky : “Shhh, Mom.. Let me have my fantasy, okay??”
Me : “Okay.”