Take Me Home Pet Rescue

Ricky : “Guys… See that puppy right there?! Her name is Cookie. She’s 7 months old. She looks like she’s part pit bull. She is the biggest baby. We went over to pet her and she rolled right on her back! Cookie is a lovable mush!”
Me : “Tell them why she’s special..”
Ricky : “Cookie only has three legs. She’s been with the pet rescue for a month but before that she was in a very bad home. They had her tied to a fence for the first six months of her life. I hope they arrested those people!”
Me : “I hope so, too. If we weren’t still heartbroken over losing Nell and Sophie, I would adopt her.”
Ricky : “I heard them say that there were lots of people applying to adopt her. That’s good.”
Me : “Yes. She’ll have a happy life from now on. I took one of their cards so that when we’re ready we can adopt a dog like Cookie.”
Ricky : “We’ll be ready one day. Not now though..”
Me : “Yeah. Someday.”