Bull’s Bridge

Ricky : “This is Bulls Bridge in Kent, Connecticut. It’s a single lane covered bridge that goes across the Housatonic River. It was originally built in 1760 but has been redone since then. There used to be a troll here. His name was Bull, hence the name Bull’s Bridge. He would make you pay 3 cents to get across by foot, and 6 cents if you were on a horse. He was abolished in 1867. I’m thinking they probably threw him off the bridge….”
Me : “RICKY! There was no troll!! You’ve misheard. There was a TOLL, a charge to use the bridge. And the bridge was named after its builders, Jacob Bull and his son, Isaac..”
Ricky : “So no troll??”
Me : “No troll.”
Ricky : “..boring..”