Ricky : “Okay Mom. Here’s my submission for the BlytheCon Brooklyn artwork thingy. Do I win??”
Me : “RICKY!! You are supposed to be helping me paint the kitchen!”
Ricky : “Relax, Mom… I’ll paint over this with the roller. It’s all good. You won’t even know it’s under there. Years from now and archeologist with will find it in the rubble of our house and wonder what it means..”
Me : “Why would our house be rubble..?”
Ricky : “Disasters happen all the time, Mom. Don’t worry about it.”
Me : “Ugh.”


Shopping with Dad

Ricky : “Dad rides the big kid rides at the mall.. They don’t really move as much as the little kid rides… Just goes ‘Bzzzzzzzz’ and makes him talk funny.”


Shopping for Cecilia

Ricky : “Tonight we went to the mall to get a birthday present for my cousin Cecilia. She’s turning one on Saturday. She’s the one I’m not allowed to draw on anymore. Mom made a scene in Primark because they had so many cute things. She bought all of them and now we have no money for dinner. I am starving to death. Thanks Mom.”
Me : “RICKY! That is not true! You’re just mad because I didn’t buy YOU anything..”
Ricky : “Maybe… Can we stop at Dunkin on the way home? I think a donut would keep me from fainting. Remember there’s no kitchen in our house….”
Me : “..okay..”


Helping Aunt Bethany

Ricky : “Mom! Look! Aunt Bethany is letting me use the big scissors! I’m cutting things out for Cecilia’s birthday on Saturday. She said I could go to the party!”
Me : “Are you sure, Bethany?? Ricky can be a handful..”
Bethany : “Yes, I’m sure. Cecilia would love to see Ricky again. It’s been a long time.”
Me : “Okay Ricky, you can go. Do you remember the rules this time??”
Ricky : “Ugh, yes..”
Me : “And they are…?”
Ricky : “No drawing eyebrows on Cecilia! I know.. Can I do a mustache??”
Me : “No.”


♫ It’s a Sunshine Day ♫

Ricky : “We’re going for a walk, Mom. Chip needs some exercise! BYE MOM!”
Me : “I’m not sure how much exercise he’s going to get from inside that carrier….”
Ricky : “Stay awake, Chip! You’re dead weight when you’re sleepin’!!”



Ricky : “MOM!! YOUR PATIENT IS AWAKE!!! Hi patient! What’s your name??”
Patient : “My name is Dark Rabbit Hole, I think..”
Ricky : “Whhaat?! You must still be drugged… I will be your nurse while you recuperate from your surgery. Would you like a drink or a sandwich? I would make you a tuna melt but we have no kitchen right now… I can’t do cooked food. Perhaps you would like a piece of cheese?”
Patient : “No thank you. I’m still tired. Is it okay if I take a nap?”
Ricky : “Yup. I’ll be right here if you need me.”
Patient : “Thank you.”