It’s (not) My Birthday

Ricky : “This new dress came in the mail today and I think it goes perfectly with this hat I got at BlytheCon San Francisco.. The only problem is, when I stand outside and wave at people, they’re yelling ‘Happy Birthday’ at me!! It’s not my birthday..”
Me : “Did you tell them it’s not your birthday??”
Ricky : “Noooo. If they come back with presents, I’ll tell them after I open them.”
Me : “I doubt anyone is going to come back with presents..”
Ricky : “You don’t know that, Mom.. Do we have an air horn?? More people will see me if I had an air horn…”
Me : “No, we do not have an air horn and I have no plans on ever getting one.”
Ricky : “Okay.. I’ll just keep yelling and waving then…”