Chucky’s Getting Married!

Ricky : “Today my cousin Chucky is getting married and I’m gonna be flower girl!!” ((pretends to throw flower petals))
Me : “Ricky…. I’ve already told you, Your cousin Zoey is the flower girl, not you.”
Ricky : “I’ll bet they only picked her because she’s taller than me.. They needed someone the same size as the boy that’s being the ring bear!”
Me : “It’s ring bearer, not ring bear.”
Ricky : “Sooo, he’s not wearing a bear suit??”
Me : “No. He’s not.”
Ricky : “Damn! Are they going to be married by a Jedi like Bethany and Scott were..?”
Me : “No.”
Ricky : “Can I stay home??”
Me : “No.”