Gillian’s Apartment

Ricky : “Today we moved Gillian into her new apartment by her college. It’s very nice. We are exhausted from moving everything and building all of her Ikea furniture.”
Me : “RICKY! You didn’t do anything! Most of the stuff was already done by the time we got here. Dad, Gillian and Uncle Keith did all the hard work.”
Ricky : “We broke up the boxes and put them into the bin outside..”
Me : “I did that, not YOU..”
Ricky : “I guess it’s because we are so close. When you do things, I feel like I did them too.. It’s like we’re one person..”
Me : “..omg..”


2 thoughts on “Gillian’s Apartment

  1. Ricky is so my favorite- I love her. I have to share her shenanigans with my co- workers. Keep up the good work. By the way do you have a book out?


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