Nell : “Pssst.. Ricky. There’s a creepy guy over there looking at us…”
Ricky : “I know. Ignore him. Mom tries to take a quick picture of us while our sister Paige is putting gas into her car, and the weirdos come out of the woodwork! He was driving by on the main road and he pulled in here on purpose!”
Nell : “Do you think he could park any closer or be more obvious??!”
Zebra Sonny : “You ladies are safe! Us zebras have camouflage. I will crawl through this tall grass and I will take him out!! Muahahahahaa!! No Happy Wiener Wednesday for YOU, Creepy guy!!” ((crawls towards creepy guy))
Ricky : “I don’t think he realizes that his camouflage only works on other animals.. He’s going to stick out like a sore thumb..”
Nell : “Yeah he is..”