The Appalachian Trail

Ricky : “See this sign?! It says that The Appalachian Trail crosses near here. It passes through our town and by where we live! It goes from Georgia to Maine. That’s very very far! People do day hikes on it and some people hike on it for months! Right, Mom??”
Me : “Yes they do. They stop at our library to check their email and to let their families know they’re okay. They also get supplies mailed to them at our post office, next door.”
Ricky : “Remember the smelly hiker guys that came into the library every day for a week because their supply package was delayed getting to the post office…”
Me : “Ugh. Yes. They were very nice but we had to have all the windows wide open. I would fake cough to cover up the sound of me spraying air freshener…”
Ricky : “Smooth..”