At BlytheCon San Francisco

Ricky : “That girl is tied to a spinny thing and she’s cross-eyed! What is goin’ on??!!”
Me : “Today’s convention has a circus theme. I’m guessing she’s a circus performer. She spins around and someone else throws knives at her..”
Ricky : “AT her??! What the heck is wrong with people?? Trying to hit her with the knives…”
Me : “They’re not trying to hit her.. They’re trying to miss her.”
Ricky : “I know how they could miss her! Take her of the damn spinny thing and put the knives away!!
Me : “Watch your language please..”
Ricky : “Yeah, yeah…”


Plum Puddin’

Ricky : “Hi.. Can I ask you a question??”
Plum Puddin’ : “Sure”
Ricky : “Does it hurt your feelings when people talk about you and say fat or chubby? I think I heard some people say that maybe…”
Plum Puddin’ : “Sometimes, but I don’t think they mean it to be mean. They always look at me and smile. I think they really like me. They just don’t always use the best words to describe me.”
Ricky : “Yeah. I think you’re very pretty. Is it bad that I want to squish your cheeks??! And I love your teeth!”
Plum Puddin’ : “Thank you!”


At the Airport

Ricky : “Mom look! It’s the Kinder Egg Man!! Do you think they have Kinder Eggs in that shop?? Chip wants one…”
Me : “No. Sorry. They can’t sell them in the US.. They can’t hide toys in candy here. Kids could choke on it…”
Ricky : “But they had them in Vancouver in Canada. Don’t kids choke in Canada??”
Me : “Apparently not.”



Ricky : “Mom.. We leave for BlytheCon San Francisco at 4:30am tomorrow. I’m assuming that you are all packed and ready to go because you’re leisurely working on a new doll..”
Me : “No.. I haven’t packed yet…”
Ricky : “MOM!! Go pack your bags! That new doll can wait. We’ve got to be ready to go very early!!”
Me: “Isn’t she cute though? I really would like to finish her today..”
Ricky : “Omg.”


The Countdown Begins

Ricky : “Mom… I just realized that BlytheCon San Francisco is this weekend! I’m seeing on Facebook that some of our friends are on their way there already.”
Me : “I know! I’m excited!”
Ricky : “Me too!”
Robby Angel : “Me three!!”
Ricky : “Robby! You aren’t going!! We are only going from Friday to Tuesday… We only do stuff with YOU on Wiener Wednesdays..”
Robby Angel : “AWE! That’s not fair!!”
Ricky : “Life’s not fair, Robby. Get used to it.”



Ricky : “Mom. Can we go inside now?”
Me: “I thought you wanted to play outside? We’ve only been out here for a few minutes..”
Ricky : “I can hear the neighbor’s dog barking.. Other people get to keep their dogs for a long time. Lots and lots of years. But we didn’t. It’s not fair. I want to go back inside now.. okay..?”
Me: “Okay.”


New Role

Ricky : “Chip. You are now the alpha dog of our house. This role comes with a lot of responsibilities. Are you up to the task?!!”
Chip :
Ricky : “I will take your silence as a yes.”