Monkey See Monkey Doo

Ricky : “Mom…. Is there something on my head??!! I bent down to pick up my Monkey Doo and felt something jump into my hair!! What is it??! HELP!!”
Me : “Oh noo. I think another Sonny Angel followed us home from Californiaia…”
Mr. Lemon : “My name is Lemon.. Jack Lemon. I live for excitement and adventure! I climb the highest heights! Look at me way up here. The people look like tiny ants!! Ha haaa!! I am fearless!!”
Ricky : “You are such a derp!! Those ARE ants! You’re about 12 inches off of the ground you ding-a-ling! Get out of my hair!!”
Mr. Lemon : “WIENER WEDNESDAY PARKOUR!!” ((falls into the grass))