Going to Cali

Ricky : “You’re heading to California tomorrow!”
Roary : “What you talkin’ bout, Ricky!??”
Ricky : “You’re going to BlytheCon San Francisco! You’re a raffle prize!”
Roary : “WHAT??!! NO WAY!!”
Ricky : “Yup. Everyone will have little tickets and you’ll have a bag next to you. All the people that want you to come live with them will put their ticket in your bag. Then they’ll pick a random ticket out of your bag and ‘Voila!’ that person is your new mom or dad!”
Roary : “What if my bag stays empty?? Can I go back to NY with you guys??!”
Ricky : “Do you want me to say bad things about you at BlytheCon so your bags stays empty and you can come home with me??”
Roary : “No, that’s okay. I’m sort of excited.. This will be a big adventure!”
Ricky : “Yes it will!!